On the Other Side of Yes

Have you ever noticed that Bible characters were most effective only after saying “Yes” to the Lord? Think of Nehemiah who was used of the Lord to restore the people of Israel to their appointed place. Gideon, the youngest of the least tribe, said “Yes” to the Lord and was used by God to defeat the most fearsome army of the day, liberating his nation. It is likely you can think of many others. There is Abram, Moses, Elijah, Mary, the boy with five loaves and two fishes, Peter and the Apostle Paul, to name a few. 

Moses said at first, “Who me? Lord, there must be some mistake.” The same “Yes” is required of you and me. When we say “Yes” to the Lord for a stretching assignment, then we grow the most. One sure call that we all have is to make disciples of the nations. But we often say, “Who me? Lord, there must be some mistake.”

Grow in Him. Can you at least say, “I am willing to be willing to consider an assignment in the missions enterprise?” Register or login to MissionNext to discover the joy of saying “Yes” to the Lord. I have observed that everyone who has transitioned into missions says the same thing, “I am having the time of my life!” For them that is the other side of “Yes”.

Nelson Malwitz, Founder

Nelson Malwitz, Founder

Nelson is the generic Evangelical baby-boomer. Born in 1946, raised in the C&MA and attended Urbana ’67 in college. He holds an MS degree in Chemical Engineering and worked in R&D positions in American industry for 33 years. Nelson is an inventor with formal training in methods of creative problem-solving. He was a founding elder at Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel, CT (1982) and served in many leadership capacities of what is now one of the largest Evangelical churches in New England. In 1998 Nelson founded the Finishers Project, now MissionNext, and serves in program development. Locally he attends a Torah study and is chairman of the town sewer commission to serve among unchurched leaders.

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