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Did God create David to slay Goliath? Or did God create Goliath to show His glory?

The story of David and Goliath has a number of main characters: Saul, the armies, the family of Jesse, and, of course, David, Goliath and the Lord. David had faith strong enough to take on the terrible giant with confidence, knowing that God was at his side to fight the battle. We are genuinely impressed.

Like most of scripture, this story is about God; it’s about His name, His glory, His honor, His power. For you see, any one person with the Lord is a majority. David first experienced the hand of God in his life in small ways that were faith-building. David had a relationship with God that included an intimacy with scripture, which we see reflected in the writings of the Psalms. David was offended by the defiance Goliath had for the living God. David moved toward the challenge of the battle by faith. Along the way he did not rebuke King Saul or his brothers or the army of Israel for their lack of faith or leadership. Rather, his focus was on the reputation of the Lord.

There are other good examples of faith and boldness for us; individuals such as Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Caleb, Sampson, and Paul. We also find great examples of faith in missionary biographies of the last few centuries. These all started with small steps of faith and an intimacy with the Lord. That is the case for you and me. Walking and stepping with Him increases our faith and boldness. Be bold and register or login to to continue your journey of faith with assignments that are a surprisingly good fit for you to make a kingdom difference in this next life-stage.

Nelson Malwitz, Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Nelson Malwitz, Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Nelson is the generic Evangelical baby-boomer. Born in 1946, raised in the C&MA, he attended Urbana ’67 in college. He holds an MS degree in Chemical Engineering and worked in R&D positions in American industry for 33 years. Nelson is an inventor with formal training in methods of creative problem-solving. He was a founding elder at Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel, CT (1982) and served in many leadership capacities of what is now one of the largest Evangelical churches in New England. In 1998 Nelson founded the Finishers Project, now MissionNext. Locally he attends a Torah study and serves as chairman of the Sewer Commission in his community to be a witness among unchurched leaders.

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