Personal Assessments


Spiritual Gifts Survey

If you have not determined your Spiritual Gifts, this survey is highly recommended as you discern God’s call. Knowing your Spiritual Gifts will confirm you in your ministry calling and in future relationships. You can complete the survey online with no financial cost. Try It Now!(external website) 


Talent Discovery Guide

Everyone has natural inherent talents and abilities. The IDAK Online Talent Discovery Guide™ leads you through the highlights of your life to evaluate your most consistent patterns of natural talent behavior. This is a four-step self-assessment exercise which is valuable for personal awareness and as a tool for future career and volunteer service decisions. This service is based upon the talent assessment approach described in IDAK founder, John Bradley’s groundbreaking book, Discovering Your Natural Talents ( Try It Now! (external website)


Communication Style Assessment 

Learning your style of communication and how to communicate effectively with those who have other communication styles, is very valuable for cross-cultural interaction. Duane Elmer’s Communication Style Assessment is available to you online. This assessment can be completed with no financial cost. Get It Now!(external website) 


Clifton Strengths Assessment 

Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment assists in discovering a person’s top five strengths and behaviors. The results of the CliftonStrengths Assessment provide the ability to understand a person’s unique combination of strengths – skills, talents, and knowledge – and to develop strategies to meet and exceed the demands and expectations of daily life, family and careers. The results also offer valuable insight to how these strengths impact various aspects of work, communication, performance, and relationships. Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment is available online and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.  Try It Now!(external website)
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