“What do you want us to do, Lord?”
Meet Tom and Vicky Hall from Florida. Their story may be similar to what you’re going through. They were involved with their church mission program, but they were searching for more involvement — for the next step. They asked, and heard God’s two-letter command. So simple, yet so challenging.  “Go.” “How do we start? Can we commit to an unknown future?”   Tom and Vicky heard about The Journey Deepens retreat hosted by MissionNext. Even though the event was across the country, in Oregon, Tom and Vicky took the next step in their search to see where God was leading them. The retreat moved something inside both of them. “It was so exciting to have the chance to learn more, with a personal touch,” Vicky said at the retreat. “There’s lots to think about.” “We have so little time today to sit, study, read and discuss with others going through the same thing — this is a great chance,” Tom added. After the retreat, they took another step forward and filled out a service profile with MissionNext to connect with service opportunities and agencies. Here’s what Tom said on his form:
“I am ready to take the next steps to make the life change to serving full-time in global impact ministry.”

Waiting on the Lord

It was a year before we heard from them again. Here’s what Tom wrote to us: “Just this week, we have accepted NMSI’s offer for affiliation as full-time missionaries to Africa Hope Kenya!! And if all goes as planned (we know, we know), we will be attending orientation in Fort Myers, FL, the last week of April, leaving the workplace by the end of July, and heading to Kenya to put feet on the ground in early 2018 for at least a two-year commitment. “Please accept our gratitude for all that you and the MissionNext ministry have done to help encourage and direct us on this path that God has prepared for us.” All journeys need a starting point or a milestone. If you’re searching for yours, The Journey Deepens retreats may be the place to start. Find one in your area
Picture of Joanna Evoniuk

Joanna Evoniuk

Joanna Evoniuk is a writer and content manager with a heart for missions and travel. She has been a part of campus ministry, short-term mission trips, and moved to the UK as part of a church plant team.

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