Follow Your Calling

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Our research has shown that neither quality of life nor even family considerations stood as the biggest barriers between these people and missions. Instead, their greatest concerns are:

1 . Is this God’s will for my life? 
2 . How will the finances work?

This book deals with issue number one. And often, if that is fully settled, issue number two becomes less of a barrier to overcome.

“The Lord makes a path for our steps.” (Ps 85:13) God’s call on our lives is to be actively stepping forward.

Book Cover, Follow Your calling.

CHapter Titles

Introduction: From Stressed-Out to Satisfying Service.

1 Celebrate Your Next Chapter

2 Discerning Your Passion for Service
            Exercise One: Discerning Your Personal Passion
            Exercise Two: Your Passion Checklist
            Exercise Three: First Steps for Finding the Team

3 Discovering Your Communicational Talent Strengths

Exercise Four: Your Enjoyable Life Experiences Checklist

Exercise Five: Discovering Your Communicational Talent Strength

4 Discovering Your Relational Talent Strength

            Exercise Six: Discovering Your Relational Talent Strength

5 Discovering Your Functional Talent Strengths

            Exercise Seven: Discovering Your Functional Talent Strengths

6 Zeroing in on Your Task

            Exercise Eight: Defining Your Ideal Task
            Exercise Nine: Your Optimum Ministry Job Duties

7 Zeroing in on Your Team

            Exercise Ten: Matching a Team to Your Task

8 Watching the Miracle Happen

            Exercise Eleven: Validating Your Team & Task Selections
            Exercise Twelve: Your Job Search

Appendix: From Nelson: Yes, God Can Use You.

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