Journey Missionary Jobs - Detail

Below is a listing of missionary jobs posted by our Journey partner organizations. Click on any Job Category below to see current opportunities. To inquire with mission agencies for any of these positions. You set the criteria—for when, when, what for serving. Register with MissionNext Journey and submit your Profile with these criteria to short cut the process.

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[+] Job ID: 4796 — BORDERLESS Multi-city Team - Paris (Europe, West)
[+] Job ID: 4799 — For the Nations - Washington, DC (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4800 — Orlando Diaspora Ministry - Florida (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4811 — Guest House Host / Medical Program Admin Support (Africa, North)
[+] Job ID: 4820 — Reaching Africans in Spain (Europe, West)
[+] Job ID: 4835 — Rift Valley Academy Dorm Parent (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 4998 — Tranlation management lead (North America)
[+] Job ID: 5000 — Funding Director (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4991 — FOOD SERVICES MANAGER - THE HOMES OF ETHNOS360 (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4993 — ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4436 — Prayer Coordinator among Iranian Muslims in Metro New York (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4437 — Prayer Coordinator- D.C. Maryland Virginia (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4424 — Prayer Coordinator among Afghan Muslims in Metro New York (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4425 — Team Associate Among Afghan Muslims in Metro New York (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4456 — Prayer Coordinator Among Uzbek Muslims in Metro New York (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4178 — DFW People Group Prayer Strategist (North America)
- SUPPORT HELPS:Prayer Partner
Country:United States
Preferred Experience:See job post
Start_Requested: Not sure
Time Commitment:One year
One year to two years
Long Term
Cross-Cultural Experience: Not served in a culture other than my own
Languages:English is a native language
[+] Job ID: 4670 — Prayer Coordinator Among Arab Muslims in Metro D. C. (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4609 — Ministry Assistant (Central America)
[+] Job ID: 4164 — Chief Advancement Officer (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4987 — Administrative Assistant (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4789 — Short-Term Team Coordinator ( Various)
[+] Job ID: 4791 — Member Care Coordinator - Regional Hub ( Various)
[+] Job ID: 2572 — Kitchen Assistant (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2577 — Accommodations Assistant (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2576 — Childcare Worker (North America)
[+] Job ID: 294 — Administration support for Church Planting ( Inquire First)
[+] Job ID: 4501 — Event Coordinator (North America)
[+] Job ID: 5008 — Philanthropy Support Specialist (North America)


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