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Finding a Fit – Missions in a Changing World Mix


I am passionately committed to SAT-7, the organization I work with to advance the Great Commission. As a volunteer who co-ordinates SAT-7 Ambassadors, I am seeking advocates who will become engaged in our ministry and assist informally, joining with me in volunteer efforts. SAT-7 values our partnership with MissionNext, although our interest in candidates is not typical of most organizations.

SAT-7 provides satellite Christian TV in the Middle East and North Africa over five channels, with 24/7 program coverage. We are crossing boundaries in an effective and unique way into countries where media censorship is extensive, and persecution of believers is very real.

Our international staff is centered in our main broadcast studios in Istanbul, Cairo, Beirut and two offices in Cyprus, where our international headquarters is located. 80% of our programs are produced directly by SAT-7, and we do not take any paid advertising for airtime. All hiring and employment of international staff is handled abroBehind the scenes, we have about 20 employees in the U.S. Serving in a support role, we pursue financial resources for the ministry’s very cost-effective expenses. We clearly are not partnering with MissionNext with a goal of recruiting employees.

However, MisisonNext is a great fit for us! I am finding interest among candidates who will not be engaging in missions immediately. Some have accepted a missions’ position but are on hold due to current international limitations. They are willing to invest time as a SAT-7 Ambassador while waiting to start a recently accepted job assignment. In other instances, candidates have had a change in plans since submitting their profile on MissionNext’s site. Health issues, complications with a current employment situation, or unexpected family circumstances may have resulted in modified plans. SAT-7 Ambassadors offers an opportunity to be involved in international ministry immediately, with a very minimal and flexible time commitment.

Our partnership with MissionNext has been positive and helpful. The quality of candidates is extremely impressive. Many are Christians with extensive, valuable backgrounds and skills, whether from past ministry experience or from the secular working world. Quite a few have advanced degrees, including theological studies.

So, this is SAT-7’s success story, but what are your agency needs? If you are excited about the “fields that are white unto harvest” at your agency’s doorstep, and return on investment is important, check out MissionNext. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they offer great suggestions for marketing efforts to meet your recruitment needs. The database works seamlessly to identify candidates that fit match criteria. Since each profile provides dates for the most recent revisions, it is easy to identify those are just initiating a job search. Do you have positions that need to be filled? Qualified and worthy candidates are waiting right now in the MissionNext database.

Lynnette Horwath, Volunteer, Ambassadors Coordinator

Lynnette Horwath, Volunteer, Ambassadors Coordinator

Lynnette Horwath has been utilizing MissionNext connections for several months as the volunteer coordinator for SAT-7 Ambassadors. She has been a volunteer with SAT-7 for two years. Retiring from an active career in the non-profit world, Ms. Horwath has management level employment at the Arthritis Foundation, Wis. Chapter, Rock Co. Health Department, Slavic Gospel Association, Wildflower Clinic, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens and PACT Prevention Coalition.

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  1. You decidedly put a new twirl on a subject that’s been written about for years. Noteworthy stuff, just amazing! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Thanks!


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