Picture of Don Parrott, Past  President/CEO of MissionNext,<br>Director, Journey Deepens Retreat Weekends, <br>and Mobilization Strategist.

Don Parrott, Past President/CEO of MissionNext,
Director, Journey Deepens Retreat Weekends,
and Mobilization Strategist.

Don Parrott joined MissionNext with a background uniquely preparing him for his role. After working as a Missions Pastor in the Pacific Northwest, Don and his family served overseas, primarily in Argentina. He then ministered as a mobilization director for a mission agency. From that position he took leadership of the Paraclete Mission Group for several years, moving into the President/CEOrole of MissionNext in 2006 where he served until 2014. Don has authored an insightful and helpful book, "I want to Make a Difference Now." He married Ele and since 1973, they have four grown and married children and seven granschildren!

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