Picture of Bruce Horton, Interim President/CEO of MissionNext

Bruce Horton, Interim President/CEO of MissionNext

After thinking about following my grandfather into the ministry and my father-in-law into medicine, all during the turbulent 1960’s, the direction of my life was not clear. It took ten years, a patient Christian wife and deep conversations with a friend that later went into full time missionary work to open my mind and heart to the Lord.

Until recently, Linda and I have led corporate gypsy life, living in 7 states around country while being able to travel extensively for business and pleasure. Even though we were frequently moving, we were able to plug into vibrant churches with outstanding leaders such as Kent Hughes, Gene Getz and Stuart Briscoe. Our community group at College Church in Wheaton, IL was composed of Christian couples involved in Christ centered businesses or mission organizations. All these experiences deepened our understanding of Biblical truths and our faith in the Lord.

After 43 years of marriage, we are grateful for our extended families; both daughters and their husbands are strong Christians and are working with each of our six grandchildren to lead them to faith.

The short story is one of increasing responsibilities in the corporate world while becoming closer to the Lord. In the process of reaching C-level positions, the entrepreneurial side emerged as the “new nature” was nurtured. Serving as leader of the Business as Mission efforts within Mission Next is both a privilege and a joy, knowing that the Lord has prepared me for the role.

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