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The Journey connects you with a wide range of ministry opportunities. Take a step to discover ministry options that are a surprisingly good fit for you. Complete a profile with your background, interests, skills, and abilities. Our unique website delivers matches with partner organizations and their job opportunities customized to your preferences. 

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Education (TeachNext) connects you with educational positions in Christian Schools outside the U.S. and Canada. Christ-followers willing to explore a full range of positions in education complete a profile with their educational experience and interests. Our unique website matches you with our partner schools and their myriad of open positions from Primary to Principal. 

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IT-Technology connects you with ministry options focused on Information Technology as a practitioner or administrator. This is a huge need in the global missionary cause. Qualified in IT work? Start the conversation. Complete a profile with your interests, skills, experience. Then discover IT and Technology needs and jobs with your criteria for serving.

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Short-Term connects God’s people with wide range of Short-Term ministry opportunities and internships that are less than one year. Looking for short-term ministry positions? Complete a brief profile indicating your interests, skills, and abilities. Our unique website matches your personal profile with short-term needs and job postings by our partner organizations. 

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