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Below is a listing of Job Categories with positions posted by our Journey partner organizations. Click on any Job Category to see current opportunities. To inquire about any of these positions, Register on the Journey Pathway and submit your Profile. Once submitted, you will be provided with contact information for the agencies and jobs that match your profile criteria.

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[+] Job ID: 4523 — Office Support - Administrative (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3762 — Digital Strategist Sub-Coordinator (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3760 — Overseas Clinical Member Care Specialist (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3757 — Mobilizer (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3758 — Volunteer - Contributions Coding and Processing Analyst (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4107 — Ministry Partner Development Coach ( No Preference)
[+] Job ID: 4542 — Hospitality Manager (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 4015 — Mobilization Catalyst - Houston (TX) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4410 — Mobilization Catalyst - Washington, DC (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4017 — Mobilization Catalyst - Indianapolis (IN) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4492 — Prayer Coordinator (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4409 — Mobilization Catalyst - Chicago (IL) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4133 — Mobilization Catalyst - Dallas-Ft. Worth (TX) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4412 — Mobilization Catalyst - Nashville (TN) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4411 — Mobilization Catalyst - Philadelphia (PA) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4018 — Mobilization Catalyst - Los Angeles (CA) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4366 — Support Hub Director (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4373 — SLICE Program Administrator (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4372 — Housing and Orientation Coordinator/Trainer (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4336 — HR Coordinator (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4374 — Director of SLICE Training (Asia, Southern)
[+] Job ID: 4160 — Global Gates Student Mobilizer (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4423 — DFW Training & Volunteer Coordinator Team Member (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4199 — Global Gates Associate (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4528 — Missionary Training Facilitator (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4327 — Mobilization Director (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3340 — Chief of Staff (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2449 — Assistant Director of MissionNext Education (Part-time Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2451 — Journey Guide (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3779 — Education Strategist (Part-time Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3820 — Member Care Leader (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2453 — Chief Program Office (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4392 — Chief Operations Officer (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4393 — Journey Guide Director (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2455 — Partnership Development Coordinator (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2452 — Regional Mobilizer (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4165 — National Director of Mobilization (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4163 — Chief Development Officer (Part-time, Volunteer) (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4167 — West Africa Missionary Movement Specialist (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 4049 — Global Worker Mobilization Specialist ( Various)
[+] Job ID: 4048 — Treasurer- Mozambique (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 4034 — Trafficking Prevention Trainer- Multiple Countries ( Various)
[+] Job ID: 4500 — Director of Missionary Care (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4168 — West Africa Missionary Movement Coordinator (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 4032 — Finance Coordinator- Regional Hub (South America)
[+] Job ID: 3726 — Ministry Team Specialist- USA (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4033 — Mobilizer- USA (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4499 — Church Partners Midwest Regional Director (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4043 — Missionary Support Coordinator- USA (North America)
CountryUnited States
Preferred ExperienceDemonstrated ability to use workflow management software applications for producing and managing spreadsheets, planning, scheduling, and tracking projects, etc. Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely in speech and writing to a wide range of audiences. Ability to obtain, analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data and to produce reports for decision-making and evaluation purposes. Excellent customer service skills. Previous experience in human resources, learning and development, sales or fund-raising is preferred but not required. A college or university degree preferred, or equivalent experience.
Start_RequestedWithin 12 months
Time CommitmentOne year
One year to two years
Long Term
Cross-Cultural Experience Not served in a culture other than my own
Occasionally served in cultures other than my own
Extensive experience serving in cultures other than my own
LanguagesEnglish is a native language
English is a second language
Job CommentEnsure that One Mission Society missionaries and staff are spiritually healthy, vision-driven, and fully funded in their call to multiply disciple-makers, churches, leaders, and missionary movements. The Missionary Support Coordinator provides vital strategic input and administrative oversight of how OMS equips persons serving in the organization to develop and maintain their financial and prayer support network through training, mentor/coaching, and other means. They have operational control of the systems and processes for scheduling and tracking OMS personnel's participation in SRS Bootcamp events, missionary support mentor/coaching, and other areas. Your responsibilities may include: Oversee the relationship between OMS and outside service providers in the area of Missionary Support. Stay on top of trends, developments, and new opportunities for improving missionary support training, coaching, and infrastructure. Track dates and registration for upcoming events, including coordinating with other departments for tracking and finances and keeping OMS personnel informed about events. Track registration and program completion for missionary support training events. Recruit, equip and give ongoing support for OMS MPD mentors/coaches. Provide learning experiences, resources, and relationships to support supervisors in their role in helping their underfunded team members in missionary support. Facilitate quarterly meetings of the OMS USA Ministry Partner Development Implementation Team. Provide periodic and other reports as requested on the progress of individuals in the funding process and the effectiveness of systems and processes for supporting them. Requirements for all roles: Committed follower of Jesus Christ. Actively involved in a local evangelical church. Interested in missions.
Listing Expiration2023-08-09
Financial SupportVolunteer/self-supported position
Position requires raising your own support
Position requires raising some support
Travel SupportNo travel funding provided
Relocation Question Not a match criteria
[+] Job ID: 4524 — Mobilization Coordinator (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3727 — Church Connections Specialist- USA (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4042 — Field Accountant- Ecuador (South America)
[+] Job ID: 3214 — Funding Development Specialist (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3208 — College Liaison (North America)
[+] Job ID: 1910 — Contract Management and Purchasing Manager (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 2893 — Project Administrator (Africa, North)
[+] Job ID: 2890 — Senior Project Manager (Africa, North)
[+] Job ID: 660 — Accountant (North America)
[+] Job ID: 1894 — Business Analyst/Process Engineer (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3990 — Digital Media Marketing Coordinator ( Various)
[+] Job ID: 1901 — Senior Accountant ( No Preference)
[+] Job ID: 1904 — Church Partnership Representative (North America)
[+] Job ID: 1893 — Ministry Assistant TWR Europe (Europe, West)
[+] Job ID: 3850 — Department Head of Recruitment and Support (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2575 — African American Mobilizer (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2574 — Latino Mobilizer (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2573 — Mobilizer / Recruiter (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3659 — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Aviation Pilot (Rotary Wing) (Oceania)
[+] Job ID: 3151 — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Manager (Oceania)
[+] Job ID: 3681 — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Aviation Maintenance Technician (Oceania)
[+] Job ID: 3122 — Bolshoi Field Coordinator (North America)
[+] Job ID: 3791 — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Finance Office Manager (Oceania)
[+] Job ID: 3141 — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Service Team Coordinator (Asia, Southern)
[+] Job ID: 4502 — Global Workforce Planning Consultant (North America)
[+] Job ID: 2958 — Finance Mentor (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 3140 — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Office Manager (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3781 — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Language Program Director (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4103 — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: HR Manager (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 4265 — Philanthropy Coordinator ( Various)
[+] Job ID: 4297 — Operations Specialist (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4247 — Volunteer and Intern Placement Coordinator (North America)



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