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Below is a listing of Job Categories with positions posted by our Journey partner organizations. Click on any Job Category to see current opportunities. To inquire about any of these positions, Register on the Journey Pathway and submit your Profile. Once submitted, you will be provided with contact information for the agencies and jobs that match your profile criteria.

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[+] Job ID: 4518 — Arise Women's Movement - City Leader (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4543 — Operations/Business Development Support (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 4544 — IT Professional (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 4378 — Assistant Hub Director (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4376 — Assistant Hub Director (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4553 — Assistant Sewing Ministry Leader (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4037 — Business as Mission Specialist ( Various)
[+] Job ID: 4038 — Social Entrepreneurship Coordinator (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4505 — Pursuit of new team leaders (North America)
[+] Job ID: 4384 — Entrepreneur (Central Asia) (Asia, Central)
Develop Executive Leadership
Information Technology
Lead Peer Roundtables
Management Consulting
Coach Business Owners/CEOs
Adult Women
Bible Teaching
Church Planter
Leadership Development
Preferred ExperienceA qualified candidate will have a generalized (or specific) business acumen. Specific experience is not required but may be helpful. The type of business one pursues would be dependent upon current skills, interests, or experience and identified needs in the host society. Specific education is not required, but an understanding of doing business with a focus on not just being fiscally responsible but also people/relationally focused is a plus (i.e., an understanding of concepts of BAM). A propensity to persevere through adversity is extremely helpful. This position would require a minimum of a five-year commitment.
Start_RequestedIn one to two years
Time CommitmentLong Term
Cross-Cultural Experience Not served in a culture other than my own
Occasionally served in cultures other than my own
Extensive experience serving in cultures other than my own
LanguagesEnglish is a native language
English is a second language
Job CommentThe entrepreneur will either join an existing business project or begin their own. They will establish a company that will provide jobs and creates opportunities for building relationships within the community. This person will be responsible for establishing management processes that equip others to share in the responsibility and grow in skills. It would also be very advantageous to incorporate internship opportunities to train others to be successful in similar endeavors. Specific challenges to this position include long work hours during the business start-up phase, navigating unique governmental requirements for operating a business, and identifying a viable business niche to engage in.
Listing Expiration2023-06-17
Financial SupportVolunteer/self-supported position
Position requires raising your own support
Travel SupportNo travel funding provided
Relocation QuestionI am willing to relocate overseas

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