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Below is a listing of jobs posted by our IT partner mission agencies. The detail is shown by Job Title.
Connect with these organizations for any of these positions in IT Technology. Register with the IT Pathway and submit your Profile with your criteria to serve, single or married. Work from home, at the organization headquarters or even mentor overseas. You will discover compelling career options as a technologist or in administrative or support roles. And organizations will discover you for career opportunities that are surprisingly well suited to you and make a difference for the expansion of the gospel. Upon login, you can respond directly to the appropriate contact person for any job opportunity of interest. It’s free!

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[+] SOAR International Ministries — IT Manager (North America)
[+] TWR International — Donor Systems Specialist (North America)
[+] TWR International — IT Systems Administrator (Europe, West)
[+] TWR International — Assistant Systems Administrator (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] TWR International — IT Systems Administrator (Southeast Asia)
[+] TWR International — IT Systems Administrator (North America)
[+] TWR International — Monitoring & Distribution Systems Administrator (Europe, West)
[+] WEC International — System or Network Administrator (North America)
- ADMINISTRATORSystems Administrators
Network Administrators
CountryUnited States
Time CommitmentLong Term
Job LocationPhiladelphia, PA
Programming LanguagesNot a programmer
Job CommentDescription: This position would be responsible for deploying and maintaining Linux-based servers for WEC USA and WEC International at the US Sending Branch in Fort Washington, PA, as well as maintaining the network there. Requirements: Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Debian Linux system and network administration. Experience deploying KVM-based virtual machines. At least some general understanding of email server systems (Postfix and Dovecot), SAMBA file servers, web servers, databases (MySQL/MariaDB), etc. Some familiarity with BASH and Python scripting. Understanding of LDAP is a plus. Experience with NextCloud is a plus. Must be able to independently learn and deploy server-based software systems.
Start RequestedImmediately
Preferred ExperienceFive years experience in system and/or network administration.
Financial SupportVolunteer/self-supported position
Position requires raising your own support
Time AvailabilityPart Time ~ 20 Hours/Week
Full Time
Visible on Search?Yes
Preferred Gender No Preference
Ever DivorcedNo
Financial FilterPosition requires raising your own support
Position requires raising some support
Listing Expiration2023-01-09
[+] Wycliffe Bible Translators USA — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: IT Network Administrator (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Wycliffe Bible Translators USA — INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY: IT Network Administrator (Africa, Sub-Sahara)



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