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[+] Job ID: 4557 — Elementary School Teacher (South America)
[+] Job ID: 4305 — 3rd Grade Teacher (Africa, North)
[+] Job ID: 289 — Primary (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4507 — 1st and 2nd grade teacher (Central America)
[+] Job ID: 4154 — Elementary Teacher (Europe, East)
[+] Job ID: 3750 — Lower Elementary Teacher (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4509 — Elementary Enrichment Teacher (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3752 — Upper Elementary Teacher (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4405 — 5th grade core subjects classroom teacher (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4527 — Elementary Teacher Aide (South America)
[+] Job ID: 4315 — 2nd Grade Teacher (South America)
[+] Job ID: 4069 — Elementary Teacher 1st-5th grade (Europe, West)
[+] Job ID: 4475 — Grade 2 Teacher (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3595 — Elementary Teacher - R1682 (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3597 — Elementary Teacher - Multi-grade, R5526 (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3793 — Elementary Teacher - R1682 (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4519 — Elementary Homeroom Teacher (Bangkok) (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4520 — Elementary Learning Support Teacher (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 4288 — Primary School Teacher (Asia, Central)
[+] Job ID: 4487 — Elementary School Teacher (Middle East)
[+] Job ID: 3992 — Elementary School Teacher - R8004 (Central America)
Job LocationOaxaca
Assignment DescriptionAppropriately plans for, and carries out instruction using the curriculum and/or textbook guides and a variety of materials and media. Prepares, administers and corrects tests in accordance with school standards and procedures. Develops and maintains student records of attendance and grades as required by the school. Maintains order in the classroom and on the playground. Prepares quarterly student progress reports. Discusses pupils' academic and behavioral performance with parents, recommending action when necessary. Assists in pupil extra-curricular activities, inspiring and encouraging the physical, mental and spiritual development of pupils to greatest potential. Teaches a class which combines several grades or age levels
Time CommitmentOne year
One year to two years
Long Term
Open - Will negotiate
Position TypeElementary
Subject SpecialityElementary
Alternate SpecialityElementary
Job CommentResponsible for teaching elementary school students academic, social, and manipulative skills in a K-12 educational system.
Listing Expiration2023-08-27
Application Deadline2023-08-27
Date Needed2023-08-08
Bible Training Preferred Not Applicable
Credentials RequiredYes
Teaching Degree RequiredYes
Teaching Experience RequiredYes
Experience as EducatorElementary
Experience CommentsValid teaching credential or equivalent. Members will complete the normal training and orientation programs. Minimum of 1 year teaching experience preferred. Previous multicultural experience helpful.
Cross-Cultural Experience Not served in a culture other than my own
Occasionally served in cultures other than my own
Extensive experience serving in cultures other than my own
Marital StatusSingle
Ever Divorced Yes
Start Requested Open
Minimum TermOne year
Financial SupportVolunteer/self-supported position
Position requires raising your own support
Position requires raising some support
Travel SupportNo travel funding provided
Travel funding negotiated
HousingAssistance will be provided in finding your own accommodations.
Job AdvertisementWe are looking for a high quality, culturally sensitive educator to teach an elementary class within a learning environment which challenges each student to impact the world. Oaxaca Christian School is a great place to serve the Lord by investing in the lives of missionary children through providing an excellent education. Come join us!
English SkillAdvanced
Spanish SkillRudimentary
French SkillNot Applicable
Other LanguageSpanish would be an asset but not required
[+] Job ID: 4397 — 3rd-4th Grade Teacher (Central America)
[+] Job ID: 4355 — Junior School Teacher (Southeast Asia)
[+] Job ID: 3021 — Teacher for grade 5/6 - 33000 (Africa, Sub-Sahara)
[+] Job ID: 3001 — Upper Elementary Teacher (grades 4-5) Job ID R3721 (Oceania)
[+] Job ID: 3002 — Early Elementary Teacher (grades 1-3) Job ID R2068 (Oceania)
[+] Job ID: 4515 — Creative Elementary teacher who loves Jesus! (Africa, Sub-Sahara)

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