What do You want me to do, Lord?

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Am I ready?


Do you have a clear and growing relationship with the Lord? Are you actively involved with a group of believers? Do you agree with the Statement of Faith as outlined by MissionNext?


Are you able to work closely with those of different doctrinal, ethnic and cultural backgrounds? Are you able to build and maintain a network of meaningful relationships?

Personal Lifestyle

Does your lifestyle reflect a commitment to Jesus and personal purity? For example, abstaining from the use of pornography and illegal substances is expected. 


Missions require a support team of prayer partners who contribute to the Lord’s work through your ministry. This is a challenging, powerful way for your friends and family to share in your ministry.

Qualified Candidate Scale

What is the Qualified Candidate Scale?

The MissionNext Qualified Candidate Scale (QCS) provides an indication of your level of Interest and readiness for serving in ministry or education.  A helpful score is assigned to each candidate based upon 10 questions contained within the personal service profile.  There are no right or wrong answers.  The questions are designed to: 1) Give Candidates an idea of their own level of interest and readiness.  (Our Journey Guide ministry can help interpret this information.)  2) Provide agencies and schools with insight for their recruitment efforts to help them help you. Learn More…

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