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Question: What If I am Not from the United States? Can I make connections on ExploreNext?


We are blessed that you are listening to God’s stirring in your heart to serve His Eternal Kingdom for His glory. However, it is often not possible for American mission agencies to facilitate people who wish to join them from outside the US. Only the larger organizations have the capability to have someone contact you and only if they have a recruiting office in your country. We would encourage you to first consult your church leaders and missions leaders in your country for opportunities that best fit you. It is our desire that you find God’s best opportunity for you to serve Him.

If you do complete and submit an ExploreNext service profile, we encourage you to evaluate each ministry that appears as a good match for your profile and visit their websites. Their web address is listed on their ministry profile. This step will allow you to determine for yourself the likelihood of finding a position with a particular mission agency. If it looks like that agency has an office in your country, take the initiative to contact them. Be advised that most organizations do not have paid positions and require you to raise your financial support.

Question: If I am Not from the United States, can I connect with schools on TeachNext?


We are blessed that you are seeking to serve God through overseas Christian Schools. It is our desire that you find God’s best opportunity for you to serve Him. You can connect with these overseas Christian Schools from almost any country in the World. Some schools do require that you register through a mission agency. Those schools requiring that you apply through an agency can tell you which agencies are affiliated with their school. TeachNext Partner Agency Affiliates are listed on our website. Be advised that many overseas Christian Schools do not have paid positions and you may be required to raise your financial support.

Question: Can I contact agencies that appear as a good match for my profile or wait for them to contact me?

Answer: By all means, please contact any matching agency that is of interest to you; they’ll be glad to hear from you! Their profile will provide you with the name, email address and phone number of the person to contact. Visit their website, review their opportunities and locations for serving, and use the listed contact information.

Question:  What if I do not receive any responses from agencies?


Check your QCS (Qualified Candidate Scale) results. Agencies will be viewing your QCS responses. Do your answers to the QCS questions accurately reflect your interest and readiness to move into missions? If your QCS score is low, consider some of the valuable suggestions that are included with your QCS results that will indicate your increased level of interest and readiness for moving into missions.


One of the biggest red flags for agencies and schools is when candidates indicate they are only looking for paid positions. There are many Resources available for raising support if you are willing to consider that option. In addition, the agencies will also be happy to provide you with helpful information on raising support.


Please update your profile regularly as you work to improve your QCS score; the agencies and schools will have access to your new information and updated score.

Question:  Are there only opportunities to serve overseas?


No, there are many opportunities to serve domestically as well as overseas.  Many agencies have offices or available opportunities throughout the U.S. When you complete your profile, you will be able to select the Region of the World where you wish to serve. However, please be aware that all of our schools are outside the US and Canada.

Question:  Are there only full-time opportunities to serve?


No, there are Vision Trips, Awareness Trips, and Short-Term opportunities available with many agencies. Select all options that would be of interest to you when you complete your profile. You may also find short-term mission opportunities through your church. However, most schools are looking for full-time teachers.

Question:  I will not be ready to serve full-time for a year or more.  Is it too early to complete a profile?


No, not at all. Take the time between now and when you will be available for full-time service to do some research on the agencies that partner with MissionNext, get acquainted with those that are of special interest to you, and talk to the recruiter listed on the agency profile. See if they have Vision or Awareness Trips or short-term opportunities that would allow you to begin building your relationship with them, and remember to update your profile regularly with any mission experiences or training prior to your full-time availability.

Question:  Why do I have to sign up to see matches or look for jobs?


Our unique matching capability is unlike any in the industry. When you create a profile, you enter personal information, along with your interests, ministry preferences, location preferences and other attributes. MissionNext wants to ensure that your personal information is secure. By signing up or registering a specific account is created for you with a username and password that allows you to log in and access your account to enter or modify your Personal Profile information. The information you provide is used in our unique matching process. Once you complete your Profile, you will be able to view a list of partner organizations that match your Profile selections and view jobs that appear to be a good fit for you based on your skills and interests you have indicated in your profile.

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