Another Way to Think About Careers

“I don’t feel like going to my usual Sunday school class,” I said to myself as I entered church, so I think I’ll watch the video another class is showing. God used my unusual decision to direct our lives in ways we had never dreamed.

A Thanksgiving Reflection

What is it about holidays that brings Charlie Brown movies out of the woodwork? Everywhere we turn, it’s time for another Peanuts episode!

Let’s Get the Workers to the Harvest Today!

The Lord says in his word that “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Mathew 9:37 NIV). Today, the World more than ever is in desperate need of workers to go out into every nation to reach the lost and the broken.

A New Chapter for MissionNext

Quite a few things have changed since we started in 1998. By God’s grace, we’re entering a whole new chapter for connecting you with mission opportunities.  

A Change in Plans

Comfortable – that’s what you would call my career in the banking field, but God had other plans for me with that two letter command.

Provide a Way, Lord

Watching and sending is one way of serving Christ. And then, there are times when being the supportive hands and feet becomes a God-guided reality.

God at Work: Here

MissionNext partners with over 100 mission agencies and Christian schools, all with diverse needs. Be encouraged with two stories of God-ordained connections.

The Reason You’re Needed

They’re out there. Searching for the right messenger–perhaps someone like you–whose skill and passion match their unique ministry needs.

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